Thursday, June 5, 2008

Concordia film available from CNRS

During the 2007-2008 summer campaign at Concordia, a team from CNRS-Images filmed a number of the experiments being carried out on the site in the fields of glaciology, astronomy and seismology. The images have now been edited into a 34-minute documentary available directly from CNRS.

The seismology sequences were shot during the field installation of the CASE01 prototype station, and during our descent into the seismic vault (see the Seismology in the Freezer post). Watching the film made the whole experience come back to JY and me very vividly indeed.

The film is entirely in French (no dubbing or subtitles). Here is my translation of the film description:

The French-Italian station Concordia sits in the heart of the Antarctic plateau, on the site of Dome C, and at an altitude of 3233 meters of which more than 3200 meters are made of ice. It is a unique place, totally devoted to sciences. The 3270 meter ice-core project Epica permitted the decryption of up to 800 000 years of past climate. Other activities are in development at the site. The CNRS-Images team has followed the astronomers and the seismologists during their labors. At the start of February, the doors of Concordia will close to the summer technicians and researchers. Only 13 over-winterers will remain, both French and Italian. They will be there almost 10 months, far from everything, out of time, in this world of extremes.

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