Monday, January 4, 2010

Ready to fly !

Above is a photo of one of our CASE-IPY seismic stations (excluding the solar panels) packed and ready to fly. In order to estimate the fuel needed to fly out to the sites we have picked, we were asked a few days ago to weigh a complete station and all the material required to install it. The total comes to 435 kg!! Of this, 70 kg is made up of spares (an extra seismometer and acquisition system) and tools. The remaining 365 kg is the station itself, including 10 big batteries to see us part of the way through the winter.

Ouch! ... to think we shall be manhandling all this over the snow in the middle of nowhere at the end of the week... we should probably take a sled with us to help lug the heavier items... a couple of weight lifters would be appreciated too, but probably wouldn't fit in the Twin Otter... pity!

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