Monday, March 3, 2008

CASE-IPY : daily data update

The images and pdf files available from this post are updated regularly.

We are very fortunate in being able to receive daily data updates from our prototype CASE-IPY stations. The following pdf files contain daily snapshots of the 1sps data (Z=vertical component, N=North-South component, E=East-West component):

CAS01.Z , CAS01.N , CAS01.E
CAS02.Z , CAS02.N , CAS02.E
CAS03.Z , CAS03.N , CAS03.E

The following image shows the vertical component seismograms of the latest available data for the three stations. Click on the image for a larger version.

Here is a quick description of the steps taken to process the data into these snapshots:

  • three component analogue data is produced by a seismometer;
  • the data is digitized by a Reftek-130 acquisition system and stored locally on flash cards;
  • the Reftek turns on a radio modem once a day for 10 minutes;
  • a PC at Concordia monitors the radio link to each station continuously, and launches the retrieval process for the previous day's data when the link is active;
  • Jean-Fran├žois Vanacker, who is wintering over at Concordia, checks the data have arrived correctly, compresses them and sends them to us via email once a day;
  • my colleague JJL unpacks the data, views them, processes them into a more usable format (miniseed), places the raw and processed data in a central archive and updates the SOH (state-of-health) plot available from this post;
  • I process the miniseed data to generate the daily snapshots, and update the pdf files available above.

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