Thursday, February 28, 2008

CASE-IPY : summary and preliminary results

The 2007-2008 summer campaign is now over, and it is time to take stock, analyze the preliminary data from the CASE-IPY experiment, and start planning next year's campaign.

The objective of the 2007-2008 summer campaign was to complete and deploy three prototype autonomous seismic stations around Concordia. The three stations have been deployed at the following coordinates, from which they transmit part of the data they record to Concordia via radio link:

CAS01 : S75° 08.0414' , E123° 16.0849'
CAS02 : S75° 03.8448' , E123° 14.7480'
CAS03 : S75° 06.8405' , E123° 28.5318

The preparation and installation of these stations would have been impossible without the logistical support provided by Concordia. The following people gave invaluable support to the project: Giuseppe De Rossi, Claire Le Calvez, Angelo Domesi, Shaun Deshommes, Fabio Piersigilli, Sandra Trifirò, Jean-François Vanacker.

You can find the available SOH (state of health) information for these three stations in this pdf file or in the following image. The symbols indicate the temperature and the input power voltage seen by the RefTek acquisition systems in each of the three stations. The horizontal axis represents time in days from January 1st.

All three stations seem to still be working one month after installation, although CAS03 seems to no longer be heated. Apparent data gaps in the first month are due to problems in the radio transmission rather than in the actual data acquisition.

Note: the SOH information will be updated regularly. Link to this post to keep up to date.

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