Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hobart - last day before departure

A cloudy morning in Hobart bay. We had been expecting summer conditions, but have found Tasmania in February to be pleasantly cool.

Yesterday upon arrival we were raring to set foot ashore and walk somewhere more than a few hundred meters away. Being stuck on a 65m vessel for five days tends to do that to you. We were also longing to get away from the ever present smell of exhaust fumes that have accompanied us day and night on the Astrolabe.

Our main stop was the botanical gardens of Hobart, which are well worth a visit. The colors, the smells, the feeling of grass underfoot... all things we had forgotten about after nearly 7 weeks in Antarctica, at sea or in airports. We spent a leisurely hour or so strolling in the gardens.

Today is Sunday, a day for a lazy stroll about the town, maybe visiting a few museums, or drinking coffee (or tea in my case) in a waterfront cafe.

Our departure is set for early tomorrow morning. I should be back home (and within reach of a computer) sometime on Tuesday.

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