Thursday, February 14, 2008

Day three

This third day at sea has passed much like the two previous days. There is a moderate to strong sea-swell, which is making us roll severely (30 degrees either way). I'm doing OK at the moment, thanks to the sea-sickness patch.

There is not much to do on the Astrolabe to pass the time. One can read, watch films, work on a computer. I can do none of the above without feeling queasy. Other options are watching the sea from the bridge, or from the helipad at the rear of the ship. I spend most of my time either watching the sea from one of these two locations, or lying on my berth being rocked by the waves.

Eating on the Astrolabe requires willpower, and the certain knowledge that it is better to be queasy with something in the stomach than with nothing at all. Taking a shower is more challenging still!

We should have only another 48 hours at sea before we reach Hobart. Yay!

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