Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Astrolabe is back

The sun that bathed us most generously over the weekend (the photo above was taken last Sunday) has given way to two days of wind and snow. There has been so much cloud that at times we could hardly see over to the next building, let alone make out the continent or the icebergs in the bay.

The Astrolabe arrived offshore early this morning, but did not dare come into dock in such windy conditions with near zero visibility. It waited until early afternoon for the snow storm to clear, then gingerly inched onto the bay and to its mooring. It should stay here five days or so, time enough to unload its cargo (mostly fuel for the winter) and pick up its forty odd passengers (I shall be one of them) for the crossing over to Hobart.

If all goes as planned, I should be leaving here this coming Sunday or Monday. Although the prospect of a 5-7 day crossing through rough seas the flat-bottomed Astrolabe doesn't really fill me with anticipatory joy, I shall be glad to be on my way home at last.

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