Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Featured organizations #1 : GeoHazards International

GeoHazards International is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) with a mission:

To reduce death and suffering - particularly among children - due to earthquakes and other natural hazards in the world's most vulnerable communities through advocacy, preparedness, prevention and mitigation.

This mission is entirely independent of political, business, religious or research agendas. It is achieved through a combination of international assistance and local responsibility. Recognition of risk and of the methods used to manage it, are central to the way GHI helps vulnerable communities reduce death and injury. Communities are made safer because GHI

  1. raises awareness of risk;
  2. builds local institutions to manage that risk;
  3. strengthens schools, thereby protecting and training the communities' future generations.
GHI is managed by a small Board of Trustees, which includes specialists in earthquake and natural hazards. Technical guidance is provided by a group of international experts in the earthquake risk of developing countries, that form GHI's Board of Advisors. Day-to-day operations are performed by a small group of GHI Staff, who are based in Palo Alto, California.

Despite such a small team, the GeoHazards International has successfully run a number of hazard-mitigation projects. They are currently running projects in
Delhi (Earthquake Safety Initiative for Lifeline Buildings) and Dharamsala (both are in India).

GHI invite all people committed to helping reduce death and injury due to earthquakes in the world's most vulnerable communities to become a member of their organization.

For the whole month of July 2007, you can also contribute to GHI by voting for them on the Educated Earth donation poll.

Keep up to date with the latest developments at http://sismordia.blogspot.com

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