Monday, July 2, 2007

Midwinter: a great post from Halley

Midwinter has come and gone. The sun is slowly making its way back to that place on the horizon from which it will burst forth again, ending the long and cold Antarctic night. Slowly, as the aftermath of the festivities wears off, stories about Midwinter fun and games start making their way into the blogosphere.

One of these stories comes to us from Halley, courtesy of their Comms manager. A Midwinter Celebration tells of the various fun activities being run during the weeks before and after their grand Midwinter banquet. One of these activities is the preparing of "Christmas presents". Each member of the winter-over team has to make (emphasis on make, not buy!) a present for one other team member. These gifts are to be presented at Midwinter... Read the original post (linked above) to find out more!

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