Monday, December 15, 2008

Stopover in Hong Kong

Having been traveling now for a little over 24 hours, we have now completed the second of the six legs of the trip that will take us to Concordia. There are 7 of us on this trip, though only 2 from Strasbourg. We met up at the airport in Paris, and shall travel as a group all the way to Concordia.

The voyage has been good so far, with a comfortable aircraft and good weather for our morning walkabout in Hong Kong today. This year's impressions of Hong Kong reflect those I had a year ago: a very disturbing place by virtue of the juxtaposition of poverty and squalor with luxury and modernity.

Three of us have come back to the airport early, leaving the others to explore more widely. In the lounge we have been given access to thanks to IPEV, we are enjoying comfortable armchairs, internet, food, and even the access to showers. We are stocking up on comfort for the next two legs of the trip: another long haul flight to Auckland, then on to Christchurch.

Next update from New Zealand!

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