Monday, December 14, 2009

Flying to Casey

Just a quick post to keep you up to speed. We are now in Hobart, and
expect to depart for Casey station in the (very) early hours of
tomorrow morning. If all goes well, we shall have only a short wait at
the airfield near Casey, before boarding the Twin Otter that will take
us to Concordia. Everybody please keep your fingers crossed!

The four of us have met up with two more fellow Concordia people, one
of whom, Rosa, is going to be the station's doctor over winter.

Our stay in Hobart has been pleasant, though brief. This afternoon we
had a briefing at the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) about their
flight protocols, safety procedures, and luggage requirements. At the
same time, we found out that three people's cold weather gear (the
stuff that is provided by IPEV) had not yet arrived from France. AAD
offered to issue us their gear instead, so Jean-Yves, Michel and I
will be wearing yellow Australian outfits instead of the traditional
blue French ones. Many thanks to the great guys at AAD for saving the

I shall be unable to post anything tomorrow. Next post from Concordia.

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