Friday, December 4, 2009

Summer is one week away

An odd title for the first week of December, maybe, but not a false one. In one week's time I start out for my third Antarctic summer campaign.

Destination: Concordia, via Paris, Hong Kong, Sydney, Hobart, and Casey.

We have great expectations for the campaign, including (finally!) the deployment of the CASE-IPY stations along a 700km long profile between Concordia and Vostok (the Russian base, next to the sub-glacial lake of the same name).

There will be much work to do during the next two and a half months, and many glorious sights. I shall do my best to keep you up to date, with stories and images from the field.

And now... back to my desk, for the campain preparation is far from over...


Unknown said...

Hi Alessia,

So now tests are done and it's time for the full deployment !! Cool, it's so an interesting project, and going to deploy stations all over the continent is a big challenge.

I wish you a good summer and good datas.


PS : which seismometer did you choose finally ?

Alessia Maggi said...

Hi Jean-Marie,

good to hear from you! Thanks for the good wishes.

After a number of false starts and problems, we have finally settled on the Trillium 120s seismometers (the re-centerable kind).

We shall know in just over a year's time how they fare in the field.