Thursday, December 17, 2009

Driving lessons

High on the priority list of things to do for the CASE-IPY experiment is to recover the data from the second year of deployment of the CAS01, CAS02, CAS03 prototype stations. These stations are at 5 km from Concordia, and can be reached using a vehicle with caterpillar treads.

This year, the base has a new vehicle, the oddly named "Bully" or "PB100", shown in the photo below.


Bellapicture said...

Excellent ! You look like real pilote ! If you're unemplyed at the end of the season, you'll work in the ski Resort !! ;-)

Unknown said...

That's cool! When you have your driving lessons with that big car though. lolz. But that's nice though to learn to drive that. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Driving Lessons

Driving Lessons Newark said...

That's very cool, I'd love to have the chance to drive Bully. It's a very impressive piece of machinery, I particularly like the caterpillar treads. When I was a child I had a toy that was pretty similar, which I played with all the time.