Saturday, June 16, 2007

Concordia 2006 seismograms

Here is an example of data from the Concordia seismometer in early 2006 (March 31), as promised in this earlier post.

The whole day is split into 6 portions of 4 hours each, shown on separate lines from top to bottom. Each seismogram is plotted with time (in hours) increasing to the right. So the first line contains data for 00:00-04:00 UTC, the second line for 04:00-08:00 UTC and so on.

Seismic waves from an earthquake arriving at about 13:30 UTC are nicely recorded on the fourth line. This magnitude Mw 6.5 earthquake occurred at 31:21 UTC in the Kermadec Islands region, at a depth of 12 km.

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