Saturday, June 9, 2007

What and where is Concordia?

Concordia is a European Antarctic base scientific research station located at Dome C (75S, 123E), high on the Antarctic plateau. It is about 1,100 km inland from Dumont D'Urville, the French Antarctic base, and 1,200 km inland from Terra Nova Bay, the Italian base.

You can find a lots of information about Concordia, including a map showing where it is with respect to other scientific bases, at their official website: . You can learn about the different scientific experiments being run there, and what life on a remote Antarctic base is like. For example, right now the temperature is about -50 degrees Celsius (even colder when you factor in the wind-chill). The Concordia team even have their own blog, and a guestbook you can go and sign (please be friendly, it's kinda cold and lonely out there).

This is where we will go to set up our IPY experiment. Cool or what?

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Gary said...

Hey! I've come to your blog via blogcatalog and want to leave a comment! Antarctica looks very cool indeed, and I'm not just talking about the temperature. My interest was raised by recently visiting the Discovery exhibition in Dundee - the boat used by Captain Scott to get there. Keep up the blogging!