Saturday, June 9, 2007

Current seismology at Concordia

Seismology is already happening at Concordia. We have a seismic observatory some 12 meters deep, about 1 kilometer away from the base itself. The temperature within the seismic vault is a constant -59 degrees Celsius, much lower than what is reasonable for any mechanical instrument to be working at.

One of the members of the Concordia Winter Team for 2007, Pietro Di Felice, is making sure the seismometer keeps working correctly. Here is the web page he is keeping about his seismological work.

As communication with the base is both difficult and expensive, we cannot as yet obtain the data recorded by the Concordia seismometer in real time. We can ask Pietro to email us short bursts of data for specific earthquakes, but for the rest of the data, we have to wait until somebody actually goes to Concordia and brings them back.

We have recently received in this manner all the 2006 data. As soon as we've taken a good look at them, I'll try to put up some pictures.

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