Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Midwinter 2007

Midwinter... in June ??

Sure, if you're in the southern hemisphere...! While all the northern hemisphere residents celebrate the longest day of the year, the Southern hemisphere residents endure their longest night.

It has long been a tradition in Antarctica to celebrate Midwinter with festivities and dinners. What exactly goes on in the various scientific bases is little known, apart from that made public by the residents themselves, but much lively and drunken fun is to be expected.

Amongst the various Midwinter traditions are the Greetings Cards made by each over-wintering team, and sent to all the other scientific bases.

Here are a list of blog-posts I have found on this year's Midwinter celebrations. Should you know of any more that could be included, let me know!

Also, should you wish to send Midwinter greetings to the over-winter team at Concordia or at one of the other Antarctic bases and don't know how to do so, please leave them in a comment and I'll make sure they get delivered.

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Dee said...

Midwinter greetings to you. I'm in New Zealand and it certainly is mid winter here, though not quite as cold as where you are I bet.