Saturday, August 18, 2007

Antarctic blog posts review #2

The topic for this week's Antarctic blog posts review is sun-up. Yep, the sun is now up at most Antarctic bases, really up, visible above the horizon and all...

Returning light
Light is indeed back at Scott Base, but the weather is not being cooperative. They have been hit recently by a spell of Condition 1 weather (i.e. storms that make it dangerous to be outdoors). Apparently, others have been hard hit by the storm too:

Up at McMurdo the blizzard scattered equipment, turned over vehicles and tore a chunk off the edge of one of the accommodation blocks.
Just a reminder that the environment can get harsh out there!

Sun up, getting plastered, Action Film Party
Julius over at Halley is back with a new post about the re-plastering of his broken leg (read about the breaking of said leg in my previous blog posts review), the return of the sun, and an action-film themed birthday party.

Julius seems fine after his leg-breaking adventure, and is working hard. Reading his post, I found out about the Halley sun-up ceremony, in which the youngest person on the base raises a new flag, which will stay up until it is shred to bits by the wind. I wonder what if any sun-up ceremonies are traditional at other bases...

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