Wednesday, August 15, 2007

What am I reading?

They say one of the ways to understand how a person thinks is to discover what he or she finds interesting. In today's world, with RSS aggregators and the like, this has never been easier.

I have recently started using Google Reader to keep abreast with my online sources of information (other blogs, news websites, the latest contents of scientific journals). Google Reader allows me to easily share my favorite items, which means you yourself can keep up to date with what I find noteworthy and interesting, should you so desire.

You can find links to the latest items I've shared in Alessia's shared items, a panel on the right hand side of this blog (you may have to scroll down a little to reach it). You can read the full list on my shared items page. Or, if you're an RSS person yourself, you can subscribe to my shared items feed.

Some of the items I share will get blog posts written about them when I have time. Others will fall by the wayside. At least by sharing these items through Google Reader, I have some hope that not all that which piques my interest will fade and die...

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