Friday, August 10, 2007

Antarctic blog posts review #1

One of the best ways to learn about what life is like in Antarctica is to regularly browse blogs written by those who are currently out there. A number of these blogs are listed in the Antarctic Blogs of Note panel on my side-bar.

Some of the posts on these blogs are brilliant, and deserve to be shared. I have done so in the past by short posts of my own (see Midwinter: a great post from Halley, and McMurdo Blue Moon Run).

I would now like to try out a new format: a semi-regular blog post review, in which you will find short summaries of and links to recent Antarctic Blog posts that have interested me the most. So here goes:

The returning sun (when exactly is it going to happen?). I break my leg.
Julius over at Halley writes about waiting for the sun to re-appear (apparently it should rise for the first time on August 11th) :
I know from last year that as soon as the sun reappears you wish that it would go away because it is so bright that you have to immediately wear sunglasses.
Julius then goes on to recount his latest kiting escapade (kiting = skiing or snowboarding while being pulled along/up by a large kite), in which by a stroke of bad luck he ends up breaking his leg: Julius's leg is now in plaster, courtesy of Richard the Halley doctor, and he will now have to take it easy for a while. Amazingly, he seems pretty upbeat about it all:
Its not the greatest of things but it happens. I should hopefully have more time on my hands to keep you updated.
Best wishes Julius, and get better soon!

Et lux in tenebris lucet
Z-Doc, again over at Halley, has written a great post with many fantastic pictures of the return of sunlight at the base. Each picture has a detailed and informative description. Here is an example:
The winds settled and the thick layer of low cloud peeled back to reveal the beautiful 'mackerel skin' rippled appearance of altocumulus that makes the most beautiful skies; with it came light that has been so lacking for the last few months.
The post covers the arrival of light in the darkness (as by its title), but also kite-skiing and the daily task of launching of meteorological balloons, all illustrated by top-notch photographs. Well worth a read.

Celebrating the new bar
Phil, over at Scott Base, has written about the inauguration of their new bar, which is the social center of the whole base:
The refurbishment of the bar and lounge, which could be considered the centre of the base has been well worth the wait.
Worth a read for the pictures of the bar itself: what luxury! I wish we had something similar at our lab...

That all for this edition of the review. If you know of any posts or other Antarctic blogs that you think I should take a look at, please let me know.

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