Thursday, December 27, 2007

Expedition Planning #14 : Tomorrow is the day

The waiting is over. This is the last expedition planning post. Tomorrow at 5:45 am the expedition starts for real.

I shall post when I can, taking advantage of the email-to-blog feature used in this post. As I expect to have access only to text-based email, my posts may not be nicely formatted. Please bare with me. My colleague JJL has agreed to become a co-author on this blog and to fix the worst of the formatting during my absence.

I shall not be able to access the web much if at all, so expect me not to be up to date with what's going on in the blogging world. This also means I shall not be able to read your comments in real-time, though rest assured that I shall read and reply to them upon my return.

I have been looking forward to this expedition for so long! The expedition has two aims: continue work on the permanent seismic station at Concordia (code name CCD), and start the CASE-IPY experiment by deploying three prototype autonomous seismic stations. JY and I will be working flat out from the moment we set foot at Concordia in early January, in order to complete everything on our ambitious to-do list. Not so much, though that I won't be able to savor the experience of being in Antarctica, and share it with you all.

Best wishes to all for the up-coming New Year!

[Photo credit Philippe Noret - AirTeamimages]
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