Saturday, December 29, 2007

Greetings from Hong Kong International Airport

After a long but rather uneventful first leg of our journey, here we
are at Hong Kong International Airport, at the start of a 15 hour
layover before our next flight. The conditions are rather luxurious
compared to what I've been used to. It helps that IPEV (the French
polar institute) organized airline lounge passes for us all.

There are 28 of us currently lounging around the place, all from
different institutes, all going to Antarctica to do different things.
As you might expect from a crowd of scientists and nerds, the
proportion of us tapping on laptop computers as I write is
non-negligible. I guess a nerd remains a nerd even when traveling.

It is sunny here, and quite warm (20C at 9am). Some of our group are
trying to figure out how to manage to leave the airport and do some
sight-seeing in town. If it turns out to be possible, I will probably
do that to, otherwise I'll take advantage of the relative comfort of
the Cathay Pacific lounge to catch up on the sleep I did not get on
the plane.

That's all for now, folks!

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