Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Data acquisition for CASE (and html test)

This post has been re-edited to remove abortive formating from an emailed html post.

The picture above shows a RefTek-130 DAS (digital acquisition system) with all the cables and connections we will be using next month. Except that next month the DAS will not be on a table, with its companion electronics spaced out around it, but crammed in a box with 20cm of insulation on all sides.

The DAS is made by Refraction Technology who are based in Plano, Texas.

All the cables are specially made using silicone instead of ordinary cable covering material. At the temperatures we will be deploying our station at (-30 to -40C) only silicone cables will still be flexible enough to be installed without too much risk of them snapping.

During the winter months (May to October) the temperatures will descend to about -80C. At these temperatures even silicone cables will be stiff and brittle. This means there is no way of moving them without risking breakage, even if it were possible to visit the stations in the dark.

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Alessia Maggi said...

OK - so this first attempt at an emailed html formatted post did not work...

Alessia Maggi said...

I've been looking into this a bit more, and it seems I may have to resort to using a html-enabled email client for sending formatted emails.

One good thing about this experiment, however, is that it seems URLs tend to get interpreted as links by browsers themselves, reducing the need for real html somewhat...

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