Monday, January 7, 2008

Concordia at last

In the end, all worked out for the best, and we have made it to Concordia. It took a couple of false starts (notably the skids of the Twin Otter were iced to the runway and took some time to free), but 5 hours later here we are.

The weather here is splendid. Sunshine galore, and a balmy 32 C below. We have already had a complete tour of the base, a medical and security briefing, and have also started to discuss logistics for the experiments that we plan to start tomorrow.

The altitude is pretty tough to get used to (it is the equivalent of 4000m), but for the moment aspirin and paracetamol are doing their job.

The photo above was taken on board the Astrolabe two days ago, as we were arriving at Dumont d'Urville. Thank you JY.

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