Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Into the howling fifties

We have just passed from the roaring forties to the howling fifties, and the change is noticeable. We are now regularly rolling 30 degrees from vertical in both directions.

I am writing this mail by touch-typing while doing my best to keep my eyes on the horizon. The chair and the computer are both bolted to the deck, and I have to keep myself in the chair by jamming my feet against the sides of the desk.

Sea-sickness is being kept at bay, but only just. I'm ok so long as I can go outside every now and again, or am where I can see the horizon. The only other solution is lying horizontal in my bunk.

Otherwise the crossing is going well. There is not much to do except eat if possible, sleep when possible, watch the sea or - if your stomach is solidly attached - a movie.

We have been sailing for two days now, though it feels much longer than that. Another three and we should be there.

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