Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Only 36 hours to go...

The third CASE station is now installed, albeit with a few minor adjustments to the mast caused by an incident involving our trench digging machine (see photo)... what can I say? These things happen in Antarctica! At least the GPS receiver on the top of the mast is still pointing up!

This morning we received news that our flight out of Concordia has been advanced. We leave the day after tomorrow, or in only 36 hours time! It is not unusual that scientific missions like ours get cut short for logistical reasons, but it is always a nuisance.

All in all, this has been a pretty successful mission. Three out of three CASE stations built and installed, and the permanent station put back on its feet. We would have liked to have achieved more, but so goes it.

Tomorrow's will be the last post from Concordia, this outpost in the middle of absolutely nowhere. I have grown quite fond of the place, despite the lack of oxygen, the bitter cold, and the necessary complications of living on an Antarctic base. I shall be sorry to leave.

[Photo credit : Angelo Domesi, who also took the photo on yesterday's post]

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