Monday, January 14, 2008

Skidoo time

Today has been great!

We started off by deploying our first complete CASE-IPY station in a test location some 800m from Concordia. The idea was to identify problems with our setup and have time to correct them before our first real deployment next Thursday. We got everything done in record time (3 hours from start to finish) with no major glitches.

This is a test deployment, so we must go back to the installation site regularly over the next couple of days to check the power given by the solar panels and the temperature of our electronics. What a great excuse for skidoo rides!

Skidoos are the best form of short-distance transport out here. Unfortunately the base only has 4 of them for 60 people, and these are always breaking down. Most of the time we go around on foot.

I had never ridden a skidoo before today, nor a jetski or a motorbike, and was rather hesitant at first. However, one trip to our test station was enough to get me in the groove, as you can see by the photo above. I feel I shall be planning a number of such trips in the next few days...

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