Monday, January 7, 2008

Still at Dumont...

Did I write something yesterday about plans only being made so they could be changed? No truer word was ever written...

With all nine passengers of the first twin otter flight suited up in polar gear and raring to go, and indeed the first four already being heliported to the airstrip, the flight was cancelled: the pilot could no longer fly that day.

We all dragged ourselves back indoors on the Astrolabe, peeled off our multiple thermal layers, and slumped down in a heap of thwarted adrenaline. We soon got over it, though: these things are pretty typical out here.

The upside of it is, we get to spend more time gawping at penguins. The downside is the weather seems to be changing, and not for the better. I hope we have not missed our best chance at getting to Concordia early.

If our luck does hold, my next post will be from there.

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